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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My very own backstage pass

-By Aretha Zhen

FREE BACKSTAGE PASS!!! Free backstage pass!!! Who wants a free backstage pass? Come over here please!

Now, have I got your attention yet? Ok, now you have to do volunteering first before you get the free backstage pass.

Hmmm, what did you just say? Volunteering and getting a free backstage pass? This must be quite confusing. However, as a matter of fact volunteer work is a great chance to gain experience in a broad range of fields. You can volunteer and gain experience in education, journalism, social work, animal care, health care, marketing, politics, web design- the opportunities are endless. Volunteering is a great way to put in a little of your time and gain some valuable skills, whether professional or practical.

Once upon a time, the volunteer's stereotype was the middle-aged housewife or retiree with time on their hands. Now volunteers come from all walks of life: they may be teenagers learning to manage responsibility by caring for wounded wildlife or university students enjoying a new friendship as a volunteer reader at the community library. One of the more obvious reasons why people volunteer is because they find something they are passionate about and want to do something good for others. Volunteering is an opportunity for making this world a better place, for ourselves and others. It is a chance to give something back to society and appreciate whatever we have - big or small by sharing it with others. 

Moreover, volunteer work can often lead to a paying job. How is that? Because similar to interns, volunteers can try out a field to see if it suits them and also display their dedication, talent and enthusiasm for the job while working. Now that's what I would call my very own backstage pass. By volunteering, we as students can gain a truly unique experience, we can make friends but the most important thing is the pride that comes from completing something. Imagine the sense of accomplishment when you put the last roof tile on a house you've been building or watch the dog you’ve saved and cared for in RSPCA being successfully adopted. You will certainly feel very proud of yourself. Even if this isn't the main motivation for volunteering it is certainly a major bonus


  1. Nice post Aretha! At the start, I thought that you got some free backstage pass for some show or event! I agree with you that volunteering is a great experience for us students. I have been a mentor this trimester, and my experience has been great and rewarding.

    1. Thank you Ryan, you were right , volunteering is a very great and rewarding experience

  2. This is great, Aretha. At first, I thought this is about backstage pass to a concert or something^^
    But then I found this is all about volunteering and I think it's a really great experience. You should proud of yourself, Aretha. You did a great job.

  3. Great Topic Dev ! :) good luck !

  4. Well done! Devi. It's good. I'm looking forward to the next one.