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Friday, 7 December 2012

One step at a time

-By Aretha Zhen
This blog is for my fellow university students who feel unsure about their future
Today officially marks the start of my final step of university life. And I already have issues with my confidence and hopes of the future... another rejection letter came into my inbox… IT  SCREAMS 'BIG FAT FAILURE' IN MY HEAD... and yep, it worries me a lot.
Is it just my feeling ? Or the constant stream of rejection letters is a sign that I truly am a failure?
I digress...

Dinner was lonely, and I did not feel like eating anything. But I had already made eggs with rice. I don't know if I’m hungry or not at the moment. Well even if I am not hungry, I still need to eat something in order to survive yet another hopeless day.

One step at a time. Once, twice, or maybe many times - we have been told about this. Take slow, steady steps. 
But in my current situation as a university student, I keep wondering how to take one step at a time when everything around me is in chaos.

I used to think that university life would be a definite path towards future. Just like in a novel or a movie, we go to university, graduate and along will come the job.

But the reality is not like that. We study hard, gain good marks, but still it’s hard to find a job that we want or for that matter, any job. 

I feel so depressed and don't know what the future will bring
. But I will not give up. 

It is true what others have said: when life is hard, let’s just take one step of a time. Take time to enjoy life by doing simple silly things.

To all of my friends who are in a similar situation: let’s sing together, listen to music or just read books. Never give up, my friends. Enjoy your surroundings. Melbourne is such a beautiful city to live in , let's go to the beach or park and just enjoy our time for a second, a minute, and hour or a day.

Let’s just take one simple step today, or maybe just enjoy life as it is. The most important thing is never forget who you are! Never forget your dream and never let your failure change you into someone you are not.

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