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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Coming to university alone? Don't be afraid!

- By Erzsebet

When we were children, most of us went to Kindergarten before stepping into the big wide world of primary school. Although we would have been too young to remember what we did at that age, but whether we liked it or not, more often than not we found that the friendships we made at Kindergarten were no longer to be seen after we enter Prep. Entering a whole new world with several other young children around the same age as us sharing new life experiences. I remember starting school and knowing nobody. I can imagine what I would have felt: alone and lost. Reflecting on the years after Prep, I remember new girls coming and old ones leaving. I established a fairly good friendship with some of these girls but sadly, some of them had left before we reached the beginning of our secondary school days. I was fortunate in my educational journey to go to the same school for at least 75% of my school days.
Three years ago, I was in year 11. I was studying my Victorian Certificate of Education via distance education as I was too unwell to go to a mainstream educational setting. Despite there were teachers to guide you, and social networking chats, it was a really lonely experience after what I was used to! Looking back at it though, it was just what I needed. 

A lot of people I know go to university straight after they finish high school, others spend several years working before going back to pursue further studies. Many returning to study after several years have told me, and I am sure this is the case for some of you too, that you are coming to another phase in your life all on your own. You may not necessarily know anyone. It is really scary at first but I think you can get through it. If I could survive on my own to finish my high school days and two other tertiary qualifications alone, I know you can do it too! 

Coming back to study on campus was a real challenge but you know what? It is what you make of it! To ease your transition, go to orientation, you will meet people from your course or similar courses; you can meet people of all backgrounds at events that you probably never would go to under normal circumstances. You can even meet others from the different campuses! Go onto the universities Facebook page, introduce yourself; I am sure there will be other students who are just like you! You could always go to a DUSA event, and may even make a friend or two for life! The photo I have attached is of me with a friend that I made almost a year ago at a DUSA event! Ever since, we have been quite close despite the campus difference! So my advice: don't be afraid, just get out there, talk and meet people!!

Good luck!!