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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Housemate rules and regulations

-By Ninah

What you need to know about share houses is that every house is different, so whether you are moving into a share house for the first time or whether it's just a transfer from one to another, what you need to realise is that the difference between a good and a bad shared house experience is the people. Now there is nothing you can do that will guarantee awesome housemates. It's basically a luck thing, except maybe moving in with friends. But the following tips that I'm going to give will help in living with awesome and not-so-awesome housemates.

Tip No. 1: Chocolate is a huge commodity within the share house community (especially with girls). It can gain you favours such as lifts to town and it can subdue the anger of a fellow housemate.

WARNING!! Keep chocolate out of reach from housemates or it will disappear without a trace.

Tip No.2: Hot water is essential for a good shower as we know; the trick is having one of the first showers of the day so that it doesn’t run out part way through your steaming hot shower and leave you screaming like a girl who has seen a gigantic spider.

Tip No.3: Having a sound system or earmuffs is useful as walls within share houses are not usually very thick and you never know what you might overhear from the rooms around you; there are just some things that were never meant to be overheard....

Tip No.4: Following on from tip No.3 there are some signs that are put up on doors as warnings of not to enter unless you want to completely destroy your life as you know it (if you are not sure though it's best just to knock first before entering). They are:


What's behind door number 1?? The tie is usually an indicator that...well if you don't know already I won't ruin it for you, ask a housemate they will enjoy telling you.

What's behind door number 2?? The sock means exactly the same thing as door number 1 it's just people's preference to what to put on the door. Again ask a housemate what it means if you don't know already.

What's behind door number 3?? If there is a sign on the door read it as it usually tells you exactly what not to do, but if it tells you to punch yourself or to stand on your head I would advise you not to follow those instructions for health and safety reasons.

I hope these few tips have been helpful to you newbies of the share house community, and I hope it has brought back some good and possibly some face-palm moments to those who have been in share-houses before. If you have any questions that need answering or if you want more tips just comment below and I'll get back to you

May your alcohol keep flowing and your hangovers be short.


Your fellow Housemate,