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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Money, money, money!

-By Tenille

Now that you’ve enjoyed your first trimester at Deakin (and might be sitting exams now), I hope you’ve all had a blast.

Most of you would have had to purchase textbooks and new stationary, which would have put a major dent in your budget. Paid for parking permits, lunches, as well as hanging out with your new mates and spending some cash. Have some of you come to the sudden realization that you need more cash, a part time job, and have no idea where to start?

Well aren’t you all so lucky that Deakin provides a service called Jobshop! The title really speaks for itself. The staff there makes finding a job much easier, especially if you haven’t had to look for a job yourself before.

Don’t worry if you are off-campus either as Jobshop is also available online, just go to and log in with your Deakin username to access all their services.

When I headed off to Uni after High School I’d never had a job or even attempted writing a resume, and I realized I had no real savings apart from some money I got for my eighteenth. That’s when I stumbled across Jobshop.

I went in to visit them one day and they help me perfect a resume as well as helped me browse for some jobs. I’m so glad that I did it too, as now I have a part-time and casual job, which just makes costs for Uni and other essentials so much less stressful.

So if you’re strapped for cash and need a job head into Jobshop on your campus today, or simply log on online. And best of luck for your exams!

Stay classy,


  1. Hi Tenille! How lucky are we to have Jobshop! I remember going in there for my resume check, and not only did the team provide invaluable feedback, they also gave me pointers to help ace an interview!

    But that said, I think students still need to be cautious when hunting for casual or part-time work, particularly on issues of work rights. And while Jobshop makes the job hunting process easier, students should still do some homework into the job that they are applying for.

    Hope you've had a fantastic time at uni this semester as well. Best wishes for the exams! =)

  2. Hi Tenille. I think Jobshop also helps out my assignment too.

    As my core unit that I did in Trimester 1 for International Studies, International Studies At Work (AIS201), required me to create a ePortfolio as one of the three assignments, I went to Jobshop for resume check and discuss about my career development plan.

    After the meeting, I think it makes me feel more confident on my assignment, as well as how to prepare for finding a full time job after I gruduate in next year

  3. I've used it in reverse - I needed a maths tutor for my daughter one year and found it helpful for her, then last year I advertised for a tutor for a law subject I was finding difficult and was tutored online by an lawyer whom I'm still in contact.

  4. I would also like to add that the careers fair and other vacation workshops organised by the jobshop team are excellent. I attended one of the career fairs and had a chance to interact with a few people and also got my resume checked by one of the recruitment staff.